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At SweetBio®, we leverage the powerful benefits of Manuka honey in surprising  new ways to bioengineer the next generation of  regenerative products. Wounds, regardless of location, are complex and require a multifaceted approach for healing, yet current products have a singular, restricted ability. Manuka honey is one of few materials capable of this advanced  approach, however it is unusable for advanced treatments in its messy, short term and topical form. Our technology, MX™, leverages the benefits of Manuka honey without its limitations to unlock a highly demanded, triple-action impact on the key offenders preventing healing . Through a patented synthesis of Manuka honey with gelatin and hydroxyapatite alongside our trade secret manufacturing to produce solid sheets, MX™ helps to create the optimal healing microenvironment. Our initial product, APIS, has shown to reduce bacterial load, decrease inflammation, and increase growth factors to the wound site in vitro *.

*The claims resulting from in vitro testing have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not considered within the current cleared indications. 




SweetBio® is a Memphis, Tennessee based medical device company specializing in bioengineering honey-incorporated materials for wound care. SweetBio® is a proud alum of the Springboard Enterprises Health Innovation Hub 2019 cohort, graduate of the ZeroTo510 and LaunchTN accelerator programs, finalist in Steve Case’s 2018 Rise of the Rest tour and was recently highlighted in Forbes and on 60 Minutes.

what we do

We have bioengineered a new, platform material that will revolutionize wound care across multiple markets. SweetBio® is a commercial-ready, medical device company with novel, honey-incorporated wound care products (FDA cleared May 2019).


With decades of experience ranging from design, development, regulatory, manufacturing and commercialization of medical devices, SweetBio’s diverse and passionate executive team is uniquely equipped to propel SweetBio to the next phase and beyond.

Kayla Rodriguez Graff, MBA

Co-founder, CEO

Isaac Rodriguez, Phd

Co-founder, CSO

Kevin Graff, MBA

Co-founder, CFO